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Frequently published, cited, referenced and quoted in magazines, books, newspapers, educational  course materials and other media on security and fire / life saftey issues, A widely recognized and respected EXPERT RESOURCE  within the security industry and to many outside this circle. Representative sample;

* Featured as the exclusive interview and COVER STORY in SDM MAGAZINE (Security Distributing & Marketing)  

*  "Chemical Plant Security" - cover story in Chemical Week Magazine, 16 March 2005

*  "Anti-Terrorism Security 101" - AUTHOR -  Security Middle East Magazine (Jan/Feb 2016 issue)

* Experts' Article on School Security - CO-AUTHOR - Campus Safety Magazine - 19 April 2013

* "Don’t Lock in Fire Code Violations" - AUTHOR - ASIS Security Management Magazine (Jul 2005)

* "Addressable Systems Help Save Lives, Time" - AUTHOR  -  Security Sales Magazine, May 1, 2003

* "Security Locks vs. Life Safety" - Article by Allan B. Colombo in Locksmith Ledger International Magazine (April 2018)

* "Unified Fire Codes Can Simplify Your Life"  - Article by Allan B. Colombo -  Part 1  Part 2  Security Sales Magazine, December 1, 2004

* "Beyond Traditional Fire Detection" - Article by Allan B. Colombo in Facility Executive Magazine (April 2018)

* "Introduction to Private Security - 5th Edition" - Book by Karen M Hess 2009

* "Trade Secret Theft, Industrial Espionage and The China Threat" Book by Carl Roper - 2013

* "The Best of Kinks and Hints" (RE: Security Technology)  Book by Allan B. Colombo 1998

* "The Responsders Handbook: Responding with Knowledge" - Book by Michael L. Madigan 2015

* "Handbook of Research on Social and Organizational Liabilties in Information Security" - Book by M. Gupta / R. Sharman 2008

* "World-class Contracting: 100+ Best Practices For Building Successful Business Relationships" - eBook by Gregory A. Garrett

* “Exposed Chemicals Prompt Evacuations” – Newspaper Article by Catherine Hosman – The Texas Bulletin Vol 136, Issue 13 page 1

* "Sensitive Security Information Course Guide, 1st Edition" - by American Board for Certification in Homeland Security 2007

* "Security Management Course / Indusrial Espionage" - by American Public University System

* "Fire Regulations on Door Locks" - Article by Mark Fitzpatrick 2009

* "Analysis of Current IT Issue"  - Essay by Mighty Students - 2007

* Article Peer Reviewer - Journal of Physical Security

* Book Peer Reviewer - Journal of Security Education (now Journal of Applied Security)


  • Security Policy Writing for the Global Enterprise : Making It Work for EVERY Facility
  • Establishing Effective Security: Where to Start
  • V.I.P Security Suites for Hotels: A Comptetive Edge
  • Anti-Terrorism Security 101 (now an article in SME Magazine here)
  • Outsourcing Guard Service : A Strategy for Success
  • Protecting Corporate Secrets : It's not ALL Cyber
  • 3D Security: Operational, Technological & Architectural Security Integration
  • School Shootings : A Reality Check on School and Campus Security
  • Security Assessment Deficienies : Why Some Results Might Be Misleading
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