Michael Minieri, CPP, CSC, CPOI, CCO, CFPS, CET, CSM, RAM      
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2001 to present (as customarily requested, only the most recent 16  years)

For "job descriptions & KSAs" see the  CORE COMPETENCIES page. See the EXPERIENCE page for a sample list of 180 of the many prestigious firms and major facilities worldwide that I have served in my career.

One cannot have been a highly successful Security, Fire Protection & Life Safety Consultant for 16 years without first having acquired,  demonstrated and proven all of the required knowledge, skills and abilities at an  EXCEPTIONAL LEVEL so as to justify the confidence, trust and often significant expenditures*


2009 to present (8 years)
Minieri Associates - Security Management Consulting & Security Systems Engineering Worldwide
Principal Security Consultant

2003 to 2009 (6 years)
Kroll Security Group (an MMC company - ranked 220 on the Fortune 500)
Sr. Managing Director - Security Consulting - EMEA

see history below (promoted 3 times) - * last CLIENT BILLING RATE for MY TIME was $500 USD hr. (with 70% utilization quota)
Downsized in MMC global layoffs in preparation for the sale of Kroll.

* Sr. Security Consultant - Washington, D.C.

* Promoted to Sr. Managing Security Consultant - based in Washington, D.C.

* Promoted to Sr. Managing Security Consultant for EMEA - based in London

* Promoted to Sr. Managing Director - Security Consulting - EMEA - based in Dubai

2001 to 2003 (2 years)
TRC Solutions (ranked 208 in the Top 225 International Design Firms)
Sr. Security Consultant
see history below (promoted)

* Security Consultant - based in Metro Los Angeles

* Promoted to Sr. Security Consultant - based in Metro Houston

Previous Positions  Please ask about my prior relevant experience in the protection of lives, property and other tangilble and intangible assets. My career started while first attending college when working nights and weekends as an armed security guard at the  age of 18 (image) . Experience includes Security Management  positions through Sr. VP  level having manned guarding, protection systems and the full scope of security department / division responsibilities.







PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES & ENDORSEMENTS : (with current contact links)

My performance has resulted in unsolicited promotions at average intervals in the range of  2 to 3 years throughout much of my career ... an exceptional rate of advancement for any employee. No need to take my word for it ... below is a sample of what some who know me and my work very well have to say, and links to contact them

“I always found Michael to be very knowledgeable and current on new trends, equipment and products and most importantly, their application in the field. Michael quickly grasps the essentials of the project, understands the nuances but is able to see the big picture and how it all comes together. He is responsive and mission oriented Bruce Goslin
“I had the pleasure of working with Michael over a period of three years, on my last project while employed with Abu Dhabi Investment Authority ... I found his wealth of knowledge and experience of the security industry and practices, of immense value in assisting us to implement a functional state-of-the-art solution on our premises. Michael contributed in raising the prevailing benchmark levels for security design in our domain. He often had to work through difficult circumstances, around the demands of client requirements, but his professional ability and conduct was always impeccable. On a personal level I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Michael and I value his friendship and respect his professionalism Shahid Yusuf, Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I had the good fortune to work with Michael ... Mike always exceeded my expectations. His professionalism and excellent work ethic were things I could count on. Mike supported several difficult projects and was always up to the challenge. He was deployed to Saudia Arabia to manage a long term construction management assignment and he assumed overall responsibility for a large commercial development project for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in the UAE. His ability to manage client requirements including the competing management interests and priorities of these complex clients was instrumental in the firm's success on these assignments. Personally, I really enjoy Mike’s company. ... In addition to being an outstanding consultant, Mike always kept his eye on the business issues which kept our project objectives in focus. He is truly a rare commodity possessing strong client relationship skills and a keen eye for identifying cultural sensitivities. I hope we can find another opportunity to work together. I know it will be a good experience.” Roger Hutchins

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